Wednesday, August 5, 2009


last night i watched an abc family secrets primetime special about teens struggling with ocd. i have ocd and i take medicine for it and it's helped SO much. not too many people know what i struggle with or that i'm on the medicine. watching the special i felt such a connection to the kids because i know what the struggles feel like. i know what it feels like to look for reassurance and your family just pushing you to do the things you fear. also, seeing the special gave me a better understanding of the ocd. when you have ocd a certain thing in the brain doesn't send you the message that its okay. you worry and worry and worry and worry and it consumes you. "regular" peoples brain get the message that the irrational thought is in fact irrational and not to worry. the medicine helps us realize the thoughts are irrational. i have ocd but i'm conquering it.

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