Saturday, May 16, 2009

hellllllo there!

I haven't really been blogging lately well because, life has been running smoothly. Ha! I've been working out after school practically every day and babysitting on Tuesday's and school work and all of a sudden it's May 16th! Only 26 more days until I'm done with my freshman year o high school and I can't believe it's already over. As I write this I'm watching new Lifetime movie about a girl who was in the mall parking lot and was abducted in broad day light, UM WHAT? Really, all those people around and no one tried t help. Trust me if that were me I'd scream bloody murder to make sure the whole ll heard me. And, if I just saw that happening to someone I'd scream even louder and go and attack the abductor. I've realized the passed couple of nights that if I get woken up a little while after I wake up and feel CRAZY. Half of my brain is in a nocturnal state and have o my brain is up. I feel LOCO EN LA CABEZA. Okay, maybe I'll leave a recent picture of me and my friends and the beautiful spring trees!

(Me on Mother's Day- my mommy passed away 5 years ago.)

(Shrouk and me~~~one of my best friends!!)