Wednesday, June 10, 2009

you are my sunshine

No pun intendend, but the past MONTH during the week, Monday-Friday, it's.....rainy, gloomy, humid, and overall depressing kind of weather. And then we get to the weekend and it's GORGEOUS, SUNNY, BREEZY, BLUE SKIES.....then Monday comes. I know that God's bringing the nice weather for the relaxing weekend but please, please, a girl needs some sunlight!! This past week has been hard for me because I forgot to take my medicine for a couple of days so my OCD and Anxiety got really bad and I am starting to feel back to normal and will NEVER forget to take my medicine daily.....lesson learned!!! Also, I've been searching within myself to beleive in God, although I beleive, and pray I don't think I'm doing what he wants me to do with my life. I have started to read the bible and I am trying to read and associate with more religious p....okay my friend called me while I was writing this asking me to help her with something so I can honestly say that I have NO CLUE what I was going to write after the "p"....people? person? peeps? pigs?....I don't even know! HAHAHAH. I am building my relationship with God as I begin to read the bible, and as I become closer with God I think that I see the more temptation for sin there is. No one in my immediate family is very religious soI feel odd talking to them about this although I know God would want me to promote his I write this I feel as though He is showing me the truth Faith and Trust I have with him as I write these words effortlessly and I see how I truly beleive in him.

School is going to be done in about a week and a half and I always hear people say that freshman year goes by quick but I never realized that it went THIS quick. I feel like I just was dropped off at orientation with shaking knees and my heart racing!!! I countinue to grow eachday and I'm getting a little bit anxious for finals but know that I'll be fine!! We have a Mac lab in school with I want to say 30 of the new iMac desktop computer and they're amazing. Today my best friend Shrouk and I went in there during lunch with the intention of Shrouk doing her science study guide but we resulted in laughing hysterically, taking pictures, listening to Taylor Swift, and just being GIRLS. Here are some of the pictures we took......

I really love the last hair is a HOT MESS because of this curmmy weather.....I've got curly roots and straight at the's hair on top, mom's hair on bottom....lucky me!! Shrouk's parents and baby brother Omar went to Missouri today to house search and I honestly don't know what I'll do if she moves. We hang out EVERYDAY all day. Going from my house to her house.....and you pronounce her name like....."Sha-ruu-k".....also today I went and worked out and I am going to continue to get my Dopamine running through my body and get healthy as the summer comes so I'm fresh and new and happy with myself next year!! Now I'm going to go and finish my math homework....I'm a procrastinator...but not before I use speel check!! ahahhaha.

xoxox Alyssa

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