Saturday, June 20, 2009

Because of the Lord, I am here.

this might be a long one. i keep hearing this thing about people talking about God; that you grow closer to him when you're in the darkest places in your life, and that's so true for me. i just recently got close with God. i always used to pray but i don't think i ever really had faith. i'd never really talk to god in all aspects of life, just a quick generic pray here and there at night. but the beginning of the year was REALLY hard for me. i had panic attacks daily. i couldn't get through a day of school without taking a little break. i was so lost. talking about it makes me upset....and thats when i found Kelly's blog, and i strongly beleive that God made me find her, because she opened my eyes up to Him again. it's because of her that i've been trusting in God, talking to him, preaching about him, and reading the Bible....she was put in place for me to find her. then from Kelly if found MckMama...and she has grown my faith even more. i love them, i've only spoken to Kelly maybe once. i've never talkedto Mckmama, and i know that they don't know how much they helped me find my faith again when i was so alone and dark. but i wanted to say thank you. because of them i'm still fighting and winning my battle against anxiety and worry. because of them i have FAITH in God, i've seen the miracles that they have experienced and i know that God has a path in life for me, and i know they were put in my path so i could find Him again.

thank you Kelly and MckMama, these words cannot express the gratitude i have for you guys.

xoxo alyssa

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