Thursday, April 16, 2009

yeah, i'm really gonna try I haven't blogged since Valentines day..I"ve been on the internet every single day I just haven't blogged because well lets see. School, I became a woman, and regular teenage stuff. Since I first got my period last month I've felt so balanced. My anxiety has minimized and I just feel good. Except when I eat sugar. Holy moly can I tell you; I just had ice cream and I feel so jittery like a billion miles per hour so tomorrow I'm going to go back to eatting healthy. My best friend who moved to Florida in sixth grade came to visit this Thursday-Tuesday. I love her so much and her family is my second family. I spent the whole weekend with her and when she went to visit other friends I stayed with her mom and brother. Love them so much!

That's my best friend and her brother Vaughn being silly before church on Easter Sunday! They make me feel so calm and relaxed I love it. I came home and was so sad that they were going back to Florida so I"ve pretty much just been on the computer, taking pictures of myself, going to the grocery store, hahahaha. Right now I'm watching 13 going on 30 and it's such a feel good movie. Tonight before bed I'm going to watch The Secret Life of Bees, I hear it's amazing.


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