Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring has SPRUNG

Spring is finally here! Thank you Lord. I'm so sick of winter and cold and being stuck in the house; I bet a bunch of people can agree with me that winter causes depression. Sitting at home getting stir crazy, it's so cold nothing makes you warm, it feels like those three months from December to Mid-March are SO LONG. At school March is the longest month of all, no breaks, no snow days, no holidays or days off. Come April everyone's estatic for a week off and some refreshing weather. As I write this I'm sitting outside and taking in the sun. Girlfriend over here needs a tan because these winter months have made me whiter than Casper, ha! I know that since I'm a teenager there are many things in life I don't know about yet but I've found myself questioning a lot lately. Like how do we stand on earth without falling off; kinda creepy if you sit there and force yourself to think about. Well, I'm going to leave you a picture of how crazy my hair looks right now, a result of not doing anything to it. I showered and went to bed last night; here are the results. :)

Yesterday it hit 70 degrees so I went to the beach with my sisters best friend. My sisters away at college and her best friends faily is just like a second family.

Now I"m gonan go in a take a shower and do that "Beaver" hair.


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