Monday, December 14, 2009


this is for i heart faces animal challenge this week!
she looks absolutely thrilled! ha!

this is one of my two cats, callie, because she's a calico cat.


  1. She looks grumpy as anything! Great capture!

  2. wish you could know what she is thinking!

  3. Love this photo, the look on her face is great!

  4. Hey there. I stumbled here through PTPR and had to let you know I have the same thing- I have Post Traumatic Stress ANxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. I've been very successful in managing and living a mostly fear free life, but right now is hard because I'm pregnant again and don't take the full dose of my medication = only 25% of what I normally do. If you ever have any questions on the nutritional healing I did, or the books I read, or anything, Please feel free to email.
    Hang in there,